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AUGUST 2 - Doubled Up

On Friday, August 2 we had a shared charter of 4 people from CT, NY, NJ, and FL. We started trolling at around 6 am and within a half hour we had a double hookup, with both short rigger lines getting hit at once. The whole group did a good job keeping the lines from crossing while they fought the two fish.  They worked as a team trading off fighting both fish, and successfully first landed a 62-inch bluefin tuna and after another half hour of a battle we released an estimated 75-80 inch bluefin tuna after bringing it boat side. This fish had a really large girth for its length, I would estimate that its weight was likely close to 300lbs.  As we had retained the first tuna as a recreational category keeper fish per the regulations, we had to release the second fish which would have been a commercial category fish to sell.  We were able to revive the fish, remove the hook, and it swam off strong. The group was very happy with their choice to keep the smaller fish, as they all went home with plenty of tuna. These guys were so into sushi they were eating it on the boat before we got in!  



JULY 20, 2013 - Bass Fishing Update

We've had excellent bass fishing all season starting in early June.  We started out fishing off Nantucket and then up to the Monomoy rips.  As the water temperature has risen we're now fishing in the deeper water east of Chatham.  

We've been finding success with both vertical jigging and trolling.  Fish have been averaging in the 20 lb range.  We've also had some good-sized bluefish mixed in.


JULY 18, 2013 - Tuna Trip

We were fishing east of Chatham July 18th with a charter group, a father and two sons from Texas.  It was their first tuna fishing trip.  We were fishing in an area with large numbers of humpback whales early in the morning, and about 15 minutes after we put our lines in we hooked up and then, after a good fight, landed a 72” bluefin tuna. 

Later in the morning when we were clearing the rigs to head inshore for some bass fishing, we had just 1 squid bar still in the water about 20 feet off the transom and we had a large great white shark come up and check out the squid bar.  It took off after a couple of minutes.  We later realized it must have been attracted to tuna blood leaking from our fish bag and out the scuppers.


June 1, 2013 - Tuna Season is Here

We took our first tuna trip of the season today hoping to get a commercial sized fish for opening day of the commercial Bluefin tuna season.  We had heard some reports about fish at some different locations, but decided to start at a spot that has produced well for us in the past with similar conditions and went straight there.  We almost immediately spotted tuna from small school to commercial size feeding on the surface.  After about four hours of trolling the area we hooked up and after a good fight we landed a nice 75" commercial keeper.  The fish was an even 200 pounds dressed on the tuna buyer's scale. Our buyer only knew of one other commercial fish on opening day and it was landed in Marshfield.  This year with Okuma's support we have switched all our tuna tackle to stand up rods with new Okuma Makaira 80w reels. The drags on these reels are really a step ahead of the competition. I was very impressed with how it worked fighting our first fish of the season.  We still have availability on some good dates for the upcoming season so call if you would like to get out.  For those interested we are scheduling shared tuna trips on June 21, July 19, and August 2.


Looking Forward to the 2013 Season

Spring is right around the corner and we are making plans to get Shearwater ready for the 2013 season.  Our season will start Memorial Day Weekend and we will fish thru mid October.  2012 gave us some of the best fishing we could ask for, starting out with great bass fishing in early June, with the tuna arriving in force in the middle of June and staying right thru the fall.  In August the False Albacore showed up in big numbers and were a lot of fun on light tackle.   We only had one Bluefin trip in 2012 where we did not catch at least one! Most trips landed multiple Bluefins.  A great sign in the Bluefin fishing was the mixed sizes available.   We caught fish as small as 27", and there were great numbers of fish in the 45" range out there.  That is a great sign for 2013.   

We are now booking for 2013, and have lots of good dates still open.  Call or email if you have any questions.