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October 1st Report : Tuna, Albies, Bass and Blues

This season continues to exceed our expectations on every trip.  Bluefin Tuna fishing continues to be excellent.  We have averaged three or more tuna to the boat per trip, with much higher numbers recently.   One party recently returned for their second trip of the season and had an incredible day where each fisherman fought two Bluefins to the boat, two kept and the rest released.  We also had another excellent trip with a member of the Coast Guard stationed here in Chatham who is a very avid tuna fisherman with a lot of experience with Yellowfin and Longfin but had never caught a Bluefin.  We are happy to report he was able to add Bluefin Tuna to his list.  On the inshore front, we had a seasoned freshwater bass fisherman from the Midwest who had never fished in saltwater before have remarkable first day in the salt.  On his first cast, he hooked and landed a False Albacore, and in short order, landed two more.  He went on to land too many Blues to count, and a nice Striper, all before noon! 

We will be fishing thru October.  Call and get out before it is too late.


Mid September Report- Best Tuna Bite of the Year!

The Bluefin Tuna fishing is as good as you could ask for east of Chatham.  All of our recent trips have had multiple tuna landed and have been a lot of fun.  Saturday we had our best trip of the year with a returning guest and three of his friends, all of whom were skilled fishermen who had never landed Bluefin before.  Now they are spoiled - fishing for anything else will never be the same again!  Within minutes of setting the spread we doubled up on nice 40-50" (50-80 pound) Bluefins, and wound up going 9 for 10 and left them biting at 2:00 when we headed in.  Nine fish landed, two kept and seven released, and only one pulled hook!  We spent the whole day among the whales and with tuna going airborne all around the boat.  What a day.  Bass fishing remains strong as well - our last bass trip resulted in more than a dozen good bass with the largest at 44" and right around 30 pounds.  We will be fishing thru October and we have open dates including some weekend days - call or email if you would like to go out. 

Our September 16th shared charter was cancelled due to the Small Craft Advisory and predicted 4-7' seas, so we will be rescheduling that trip in the near future.  There may still be one slot available if anyone is interested, let us know.


Late August Report

The Bluefin Tuna bite continues off Chatham.  The fish have moved a little further offshore but we have continued to have multiple fish trips.  Thursday we had a great trip with a family from California going four for five on 40-46" Bluefins, and we went two for two on Friday's trip.  I am always reluctant to talk about chances of catching fish and odds but we have only had one tuna trip so far this year where we did not catch at least one tuna, and that was back on July 4th!  I expect the fishing should only improve as the cooler fall weather sets in.

We still have openings in September and October.  We have a shared tuna charter with one or maybe two spots open on September 1st for anyone interested in splitting costs.


August 5, 2012 More Bluefin Tuna

We had some great trips this week with cooperative Bluefins between 41 and 56 inches taken on the troll east of Chatham.  The highlight of the week was Friday when a Dad and two sons from Pennsylvania came out for a tuna trip.  They had never been offshore fishing before but figured it out quick!  They hooked up and landed five Bluefins, keeping one at 42" and one at 54" and releasing the rest.  No pulled hooks or bad luck, they landed every fish.  Five for five is a great ratio of hookups to landings for sure.  On Saturday we had a group from the Hudson Valley area of New York, who are accomplished Striper fishermen at home but wanted to try Bluefin fishing.  We had a slow start with a lot of fog limiting visibility but they kept at it and landed a nice 56" Bluefin.

We still have some good dates open, call if you want to go fishing.


July 29, 2012 - Out of Control Tuna Action!

The action east of Chatham has been as good as you could ever ask for the past week.  We have been experiencing almost nonstop action from the time we put lines in until everyone has had their fill of fighting fish.

We have been able to fill the Charter / Headboat slot limit of one fish under 47" and one between 47" and 73" often in the first hour of fishing, for anglers interested in a lot of sushi. 

When you have just fought five nice 40-60 inch tuna in a row, and you are back trolling for twenty minutes without a hookup and you are wondering what is taking so long, you are very spoiled. 

If you have any interest in catching a Bluefin Tuna, this is the time to get out.  It does not get any better out there!

We still have some good dates in August, give us a call.