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Tuna and Bass Going Strong

We have had an exceptional July so far.  Tuna action has been very good out east of Chatham with a good number of fish available in a variety of size classes, from about 40" up to 70" or so. Recently a large number of fish on the smaller end of that size range have moved in.  These "smaller" fish are great fun to catch on stand-up tackle and are a great sign for the future of the fishery. Yesterday we trolled up and released two nice Bluefins in the 45" range in just three hours of fishing before we went in to fish for bass to round out the day. 

The bass action has been steady with many very nice fish in the 35-40" range being caught.  Vertical jigging with light tackle has been working well, although some days we have had to switch to trolling to get the interest of the larger bass.  Usually I try to show anglers not used to vertical jigging the "right" way to vertical jig for these bass.  Yesterday we had a nice 36" striper take the jig while the boat was drifting and the rod was in the holder while we ate lunch, so much for the right way to work the jig.

Call if you would like to get out in the coming weeks.  We have some openings remaining in August.


July 1, 2012 Report

We had a Striped Bass trip today with a group of four from Chicago, Wisconsin and the North Shore.  We found some great action, with two anglers catching their largest bass to date, one nice 40" bass caught on 12 pound test on a light spin rod and one a 42" bass caught trolling. 

The rips off Monomy loaded with Stripers, and the average size is up.  This is the time to get out there.





June Fishing Report  

We are having a great month.  Saturday we were out east for tuna and caught a nice 65" Bluefin on a black squid bar.  A lot of people had a slow day out there, but persistence paid off for us on the slack tide around 2:00 pm.  There was an incredible number of Humpback Whales out there that put on quite a show all day, and there are a lot of Stripers mixed in out there too, sometimes we were tripled up on 20+ pounders on our squid bars!

Inshore Striper fishing has been great, every trip we are catching as many bass in the 32-40" range as our anglers can reel in, and a variety of methods are working.

We are offering an open boat tuna trips on July 5th, July 20th and July 28th. 

We already have 2 anglers for the July 5th trip and need one or two more.

Give us a call if you would like fish this summer!


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